Learn how this “Chief of getting stuff done” is using her leadership capacity to help Executive Chef and community innovator David Heide bring the Little John’s Feed Kitchen dream to reality.

The LGM experience is transformational! That’s how Jennifer Zisser (LGM21) described it in an interview with LGM Director Lynn Wood … “LGM shaped and transformed who I am as a person… I had opportunities to experience Madison in a way I hadn’t before and that motivated me to make a change.” And Jennifer is making changes in the Madison community, as the Chief of Getting Things Done (as they like to call her) aka Director of Operations at Little John’s Kitchens. Find out more about Little John’s Kitchens from Jennifer in this podcast and the transformational work it’s doing to reduce food waste; prepare chef-quality meals for all, no matter one’s ability to pay; and help transition returning veterans into the workforce with paid culinary training. Tune in to hear the important advice Jennifer offers to community leaders in the newest edition of the Lead from Where You Are podcast series.

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