“The fabric of the community is held together by nonprofits,” explains Tom Linfield, Vice President Community Impact with the Madison Community Foundation and LGM07 graduate during a recent “Lead From Where You Are” podcast interview. During his conversation with LGM Program Director Lynn Wood and LGM28 member Harrison Zanders with the Madison Police Department, Tom talks about how his work with the Foundation has broadened and deepened his community perspective and helped him develop the ability to better see the long-term impacts and goals of the community and its organizations. He also describes the important role that LGM has played in his leadership journey. Listen to this episode as Tom frankly discusses the inequities within the community and notes how individuals can help create transformative change – no matter where they are.

About Tom Linfield
Tom is Vice President Community Impact with the Madison Community Foundation (MCF). He coordinates all competitive and field of interest grantmaking and offers capacity building, counsel and facilitation to area nonprofits. Prior to joining MCF, he was Training and Grants Director for Public Television’s National Center for Outreach and as a grant writer in arts, education and community outreach. He is a Funders Network PLACES fellow and chaired the national steering committee for the Community Foundation Program Officers Network (ProNET). Tom is a graduate of LGM07 and still regularly gathers with fellow LGM members more than 20 years later.