Improving Accessbility for Customers

The Quality of Life and Well Being Team of Leadership Greater Madison Class 22 (2015) is looking to foster a cultural shift in the Dane County region around how businesses define accessibility.  Historically the concept of accessibility was rooted in the concepts of physical access that are found in the American with Disabilities Act that was passed in 1990.

Today, improving accessibility is more than just the right thing to do – it makes good business sense.  One in every five individuals in the U.S. identifies as having a disability.  Disabilities can be physical, developmental, visual, social, emotional, communicative, intellectual, and more.   

Everyone wins when businesses welcome customers with disabilities.  For example, an automatic door opener helps not only individuals using wheelchairs or a mobility device.  It also welcomes:

  • Parents using strollers
  • Customers using a walker or a cane
  • Customers with their arms full (hopefully with your products!)
  • Elderly who have difficulty opening heavy doors
  • Anyone with a temporary injury, like a sprained ankle

To assist in driving this cultural shift, the group has developed an Accessibility Tips Sheet.  This resource includes simple, often inexpensive, changes that can help shift the way an organization conducts business that will enrich and expand the accessibility of that business to a diverse group of community members. 

Please take a moment to download the toolkit from the link provided below.  We thank you for your curiosity and your commitment to make Dane County a community where all people feel welcome.

6 Ways to Improve Accessibility for Customers

Thank you,
Leadership of Greater Madison Class 22, Quality of Life and Well Being Team of 2015


Leadership Greater Madison is a joint effort of the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce and Wood Communications Group.